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The official soundtrack of grocery shopping

Here’s a new project, based on an old project! I made a compilation CD of completely original music without singing or playing anything.

Each of these songs was written and performed by a complete stranger via, a web site where people offer to do things for $5. I took a bunch of them up on it.

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Another 100

  • The GLC

Finally, finally, finally added a new set, Now we’re up to 2,300 posted lists (with just as many unposted).

A new feature: Letters to the editor

  • The GLC

Once a year, we pick an awesome email (or maybe two) and publish it! Why just once a year? We’re lazy. Plus, we don’t want to encourage you to be mean.

Shop smart

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One of the most popular features on this site is The Ultimatest Grocery List. It was recently recommended in Woman’s Day magazine.