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‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ recap

So, Thursday night went just fine and dandy. Had a blast on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. The hardest part was knowing that there are so many great lists in the collection but only so much time. I ended up being on for seven minutes which I guess is a long time but not long enough to show as many lists as we’d have liked.

Big, big thanks to the JKL staff and crew who were nothing but nice, helpful, reassuring, complimentary and kind. You guys, Josh and Jordan especially, are awesome! Jimmy Kimmel you are cool too. Thanks for having me on the how (and thanks for actually laughing for real at the lists!).

Check me out! Anyway, here’s part one of the interview on YouTube — and here’s part two. It’s on too. Also, at least for now you can watch the clips or the entire episode on Hulu.

[Update: The show’s videos are behind a paywall now, but you can see the clips on this questionable YouTube clone site, if it’s working.]

Other thoughts and tidbits before I get on the plane back to St. Louis…

Hollywood stuff:

  • I like the weather in L.A. The weather is really freakin’ nice. What a cliché.
  • The Roosevelt Hotel is killer.
  • Hollywood Boulevard has a lot of payphones on it — way more than I’ve seen in at least 20 years.
  • Loved the vintage aura of the Musso & Frank Grill. Ate a massive porterhouse steak there.
  • Didn’t love the touristy hoo-haw stuff and really wanted to hit Venice Beach but just didn’t have time.

JKL stuff:

  • I guess Dakota Fanning didn’t want to stay and sit next to me for my segment. Maybe she has a curfew.
  • Wardrobe put a little makeup on me but said my hair look great. Ha!
  • Korn’s not my thing (and I bet found grocery lists aren’t their thing) but I saw them anyway with a great sidestage view. Their crowd was way into it.
  • A show like this is obviously really complicated to make work but they are super-organized and professional.

I’ll update more on the trip elsewhere in the next few days! Thanks everyone!

P.S.: The book, if you want to buy it: “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found.”

Please do.