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Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, July 1

Why? Well, because he’s funny. But also because I AM GOING TO BE ON THE SHOW. Above is my list for when I arrive in L.A. and go all Hollywood.

[Update: Here’s the recap post.]

Yes, on Thursday, July 1, 2010, I am going to be on the freakin’ Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Here’s the episode summary from “Actress Dakota Fanning; grocery list collector Bill Keaggy; Korn performs.” That’s the ABC network. Check listings for the time in your area.

So. Yeah. Weird. We’ll be talking about other people’s grocery lists — as seen here at and in the “Milk Eggs Vodka” book. What else is there to say? Watch it! Let me know if I look nervous!

It came about because of my spot in “The Curators,” a documentary film project by the always awesome Coudal Parters out of Chicago.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday, July 1!

Photo by Selma Üsük (@selma_uesuek) / Wikimedia Commons