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The official soundtrack of grocery shopping

Here’s a new project, based on an old project! I made a compilation CD of completely original music without singing or playing anything.

Each of these songs was written and performed by a complete stranger via, a web site where people offer to do things for $5. I took a bunch of them up on it.

I sent each of these fine folks a found grocery list (the list songs) or a link to the story I wrote at (the MEV songs) and asked them to interpret in their own way. It worked out pretty good — thanks to everyone who played along.

FWIW, I made about 20 requests and a little more than half delivered (you get your money credited back to your account when a transaction is cancelled). The ones who didn’t deliver came up with all kinds of serious excuses: I got the flu, I just moved, my camcorder died, my computer died, my friend died, etc. One person was good/blunt enough to simply say, “I don’t have time to do this.”

Anyway, is proud to present the new musical masterpiece CD “Let’s All Go to the Grocery Store!”:

  1. Cheerdealer: “The Official Milk Eggs Vodka Jingle” (the book)
  2. Brodafin” “Spaghetti (List #449)”
  3. IdiosyncraticAl: “Candy & Gin (List #1096)”
  4. Israel279: “At the Grocery Store (MEV #1)”
  5. Michiel: “Cupcakes (List #701)”
  6. MD2020: “Times Is Tight (MEV #2)”
  7. sam_ovp: “My First Shopping at Grocery Shop (List #382)”
  8. Jeiji: “No Treats for Bad Dog (List #1648)”
  9. Pablo Woodruffe: “Make Our Lists Forever (MEV #3)”
  10. Taryn Parker: “Underwear and a Lemon (List #126)”
  11. Stocking: “Hatchet & Sheath (List #407)”
  12. Casey Smalley: “Everything is Gonna be OK (List #270)”

And it’s free! Here are a couple samples…

If you’re wondering about the lyrics to the bizarrely entrancing track #7, here they are: My_first_shopping_at_Grocery_Shop.doc. I do appreciate his effort and hope he put that $5 to good use.

You can find the actual lists linked above, if you want to know the specific inspirations for each track.

You can download the MP3s here. Get the cover art here. Released under a Creative Commons license.

PS: Look for my book MILK EGGS VODKA (the jingle song) to be re-released in paperback in April 2011.

UPDATE: The paperback is now available and here’s a video to celebrate.