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3,400 lists, a redesign, and a Kindle version of the book!

Item of note #1: Do you know what January 12 is? It’s my birthday. But come 2012 it’s also the day that MILK EGGS VODKA: Grocery Lists Lost and Found becomes available in a Kindle version. Have it with you wherever you go. So awesome.

Item of note #2: Wow, there are now 3,400 lists posted here! That means we’re pretty much caught up on scanning and posting the lists we have. Three. Thousand. Four. Hundred. Lists. And largely, it’s thanks to you. Thank you to everyone who has contributed. Whether you sent one list, an envelope of them, or a big box of found lists, thank you.

Item of note #3: We just gave the site a facelift. The new design makes to easier to see the lists themselves, and the site now uses a responsive design making it look great whether you’re viewing it on a computer, a tablet, a smart phone, or another mobile device.

Photo by Isaac Owens on Unsplash