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Or just say hi…

We like getting mail, we really do. But it’s hard to write everyone back so I apologize in advance if I don’t. That said, ahem, if you’re someone from the media go ahead and email me and I’ll probably respond surprisingly quickly!

Want to contribute lists or just get in touch? Email me at I had to remove the handy email form due to spammers. While you wait for me to possibly respond, watch this short documentary about the collection.

Old-skool snail mail

I got rid of this PO Box. For now, it would be great if you just emailed or Dropboxed me scans or photos of lists you find. If you have a BUNCH, like a lot, because you work in a grocery store, email me and we’ll work it out. Thx!
P.O. Box 752
St. Louis, MO 63188

The agreement

If you send a list to me I may make fun of it, glorify it, or look for a way to make piles of money with it (note that this last tactic has not worked out yet). I may also take it with me to the grocery store and buy the things on the list. This is a crowdsourced site so anything is possible, aside from making money.

Trivia: I went to college and worked on a magazine with Jeff Howe, who coined the term “crowdsourcing“!