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Do you like free stuff?

Once a month I used to post a giveaway alert in my email newsletter and to the home page and all you had to do was email me to request one of the books listed. If you were the first to request the item, you got it—FREE. Below you’ll see some of the books we’ve given away to whoever was fast enough to email us and request it first!

Sorry, the giveaways are over

  • Time out | Sorry. We’ve given away some books here and there but decided to take a break. We may get back on it someday! Or not! Regardless, this was fun.

2007 Giveaways

2006 Giveaways

2005 Giveaways


Hey: Are you a food company or publisher who wants to give away free stuff to a few of the thousands and thousands of readers of Email and let me know.