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    Have you ever found a stranger's grocery list at the store?
    We have. Almost 4,000 of them.

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      The Ultimatest Grocery Lists

      The Ultimatest Grocery Lists

      These are the best pre-formatted grocery lists ever created. I made them just for you — and they’re free. Print ‘em out, hang ‘em on the refrigerator door and mark ‘em up before you go to the grocery store.

      Music for grocery shopping

      Music for grocery shopping

      A found list + $5 + starving songwriter = Musical genius! I used to release an entire CD of songs about grocery lists. And believe it or not… it worked.


        “Why are you wasting precious time digging other people’s shopping lists? I mean, really what’s the point?”

        Mary, via email

        “unfailingly wonderful… by oddball/genius Bill Keaggy”

        Advertising Age

        “St. Louis artist Bill Keaggy takes the ordinary and makes it extraordinary”

        The Riverfront Times

        “Thoroughly hilarious, the book made me laugh out loud every few pages… We also can’t ignore the utterly genius title.”


        “a unique voyeuristic delight”

        ESPN Radio

        “I am a Casting Associate Producer for ABC families hit reality show ‘Wife Swap.’ If you are interested, please contact me ASAP…”

        Matthew, via email

        “laugh-out-loud pleasure”