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A new feature: Letters to the editor

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So, we get email. Sometimes a lot. Sometimes a little less than a lot. Sometimes none. These are a few selections of the ones that are not part of the “none” group. Here’s a sample. Click here for more.

Valérie to Bill Keaggy
Sent at 9:52 AM | 4/14/09


I just discovered your website a few days ago and have been going through it since.

I’m a Creative Writing student and I’m currently working on my final portfolio of the year for my poetry workshop and a picture of yours inspired a very strange poem and I was wondering if it would be possible to have a copy of that picture to include with the poem. It’s in your “100 pieces of paper” project – the flyer that reads “It’s true – I like to poop”.



Matthew to Bill Keaggy
1:52 PM 3/16/09

I am a Casting Associate Producer for ABC families hit reality show ‘Wife Swap.’ We are currently casting for our fifth season and we are looking for a great family that is extremely passionate about collecting. We pride ourselves on casting a wide array of families…families from all different walks of life who would like the opportunity to educate the viewing audience about their particular parenting philosophy, their beliefs and their way of life.

Mary to Bill Keaggy
Sent at 4:45 AM | 12/31/05

why are you wasting precious time digging other people’s shopping lists. I mean, really what’s the point?