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This being our 2017 (and 2018!) holiday giving guide

Hello everyone. Things have been kind of quiet here at The Grocery List Collection. We’re still finding abandoned lists, slowly but surely. And we’re still accepting submissions from you (see the Contact page for how to send ’em in). That said, it feels a little hard to dedicate much effort to a goof of a site like this these days.

But here is the 10th edition of our (almost) annual gift guide! Unlike our previous weird gag gift lists, this one actually is rather helpful. Please consider donating to one of these groups, or one of the many other organizations that fight for human rights and against hate. Resist.

For the American citizen who believes in the right to vote

Let America Vote | We have a voting problem in America.

“Voting in our country has never been easy, but there’s a new challenge: Politicians are trying to stop Americans from voting because of who they are likely to vote for. LET AMERICA VOTE IS LEADING THE FIGHT FOR VOTING RIGHTS. Extreme voter suppression laws that disproportionately impact people based on their race or ethnicity, gender, age, or income have started popping up all over the country. If we don’t fight back, more and more Americans will become disenfranchised.”

For the person who thinks all of us have rights

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) | GIVE THE GIFT THAT FIGHTS BACK: Donate to the ACLU to defend our civil liberties and your gift will be matched.

“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is a national organization that works daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

For the human who believes in family planning and reproductive safety

Planned Parenthood | Your gift will be shared equally between your local Planned Parenthood affiliate and Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

“Reproductive health and rights are under attack like never before. Stand with us to protect Planned Parenthood, birth control access, and other critical care. Make your year-end gift now.”

For the American who understands what America really means

The National Immigration Law Center | Established in 1979, the National Immigration Law Center (NILC) is one of the leading organizations in the U.S. exclusively dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of immigrants with low income.

“At NILC, we believe that all people who live in the U.S. should have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. Over the years, we’ve been at the forefront of many of the country’s greatest challenges when it comes to immigration issues, and we play a major leadership role in addressing the real-life impact of policies that affect the ability of low-income immigrants to prosper and thrive.”

For the citizen who knows that women are under-represented in government

She Should Run | Founded in 2011, She Should Run is a non-partisan 501(c)3 that provides an approachable starting place and network for women leaders considering a future run for office and for those who support them.

“Our commitment starts with asking women to run and continues along their journey towards public office by demystifying the experience and empowering them to unleash their leadership potential. We ask, encourage, and connect.”

For the curious and deliberate giver

GiveWell | Feel free to do your own research.

“GiveWell is a nonprofit dedicated to finding outstanding giving opportunities through in-depth analysis. Thousands of hours of research have gone into finding our top-rated charities. They’re evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted, and underfunded.”

And, well, since it’s such a tradition, here’s the 4-slot Egg & Muffin Toaster we always link to… this one is a different brand but looks well-recommended | I have owned one of these for years! “Make delicious egg-and-muffin sandwiches at home in about four minutes with this multi-function toaster. The appliance can toast up to four slices of bread, English muffins, bagels, or croissants, while it simultaneously steam-poaches eggs and warms pre-cooked meat. It can also hard- or soft-boil up to eight eggs at a time thanks to the included egg basket. In addition to heating up pre-cooked meat, the two included meat trays can be used to heat slices of tomato or pineapple to accompany toast or a breakfast sandwich—the options are endless.”

There you go. Be well, everyone. For more great gift ideas, check out our previous GLC gift guides.

And if this doesn’t interest you then just go check out the newest lists added to the collection.

Happy holidays!

The GLC Crew and

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash