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  • Free books: It’s the September GLC giveaway!

    FREE BOOKS! The books are gone now | It’s that time again: The first person to write in and request one of the books linked below gets it for free. Limit one per person and you must request a specific book and send me your mailing address — although we won’t use your email or […]

  • The Cost of Going Organic

    “If the prices at my local Safeway are used as a measuring stick, you have to be downright rich to afford an all-organic diet. But it’s not just the wealthiest among us who crave food free from pesticides or like the idea of fewer steps from field to table. What about average-income consumers who would […]

  • Tim Gaudreau’s Self-Portrait as Revealed by Trash

    “For an entire year, New Hampshire eco-artist Tim Gaudreau photographed everything he threw away. He recycles and considers himself environmentally responsible. He doesn’t buy much. So what did he learn as a result of photographing his average, daily consumption? The photos (over 5,000 of them!) showed him that most of it was food packaging. He […]

  • knotler.com – your web and mobile shopping list

    “Ok, you can stop writing down your shopping lists on PostIts while listening to your wife’s instructions over the phone. Meet knotler.com – a truly easy, mobile and free online shopping list service… Think of it as a shopping list hosting service. You create your list – we serve it to your computers, PDAs, mobile […]

  • Just wondering…

    Hey, have I mentioned recently that I wrote a totally awesome book about found grocery lists? Well, I did. “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found” has been called hilarious, wonderful, a delight, amusing, addictive and genius. See for yourself: “The Grocery List Collection is compulsive reading.” -The New York Times “laugh-out-loud pleasure” -BookPage […]

  • Shopping for lower price cuts food bill

    “If you haven’t noticed rising prices at the supermarket lately, you haven’t been paying close attention to your spending. Food prices are soaring. Over the past year prices for some basic grocery staples are rising faster than at any time over the past decade, according to July figures of the U.S. consumer price index. Across […]

  • Free books: It’s the August GLC giveaway!

    FREE BOOKS! | UPDATE: The books are gone. Yeah, you know the drill: The first person to write in and request one of the books linked below gets it for free. Limit one per person and you must request a specific book and send me your mailing address — although we won’t use your email […]

  • Famous lost words: Finding art (and joy) in scraps of memory

    Here’s a fun article by Mackenzie Dawson in today’s New York Post: Book inscriptions, grocery lists, Post-it notes — one man’s trash is truly another man’s treasure. Particularly if that man’s trash is really weird. For example, a dated photo that features an older woman standing proudly next to a Christmas tree – which is […]

  • GLC seeking PSF

    If you are the person with the initials P.S.F. who emailed me about recognizing your list in my book, please write back. Looks like the email you put in my contact form isn’t working. Thanks!

  • A 13-foot shopping cart

    The Gotta Be NC shopping cart will be making an appearance Saturday at the reopened Capital City Grocery store at Seaboard Station in Raleigh. The cart contains a 396 Chevrolet engine and is part of the N.C. Department of Agriculture’s “Got to Be NC” campaign that encourages people to buy local produce.

  • He fits the bill

    “A Huntington Beach man is part of the secret army of federal workers who check on goods that make up the Consumer Price Index.”

  • Skyrocketing milk prices hit families just in time for school

    “Record-high milk prices are stinging Americans at the dairy case, just as millions of thirsty school children are returning to classes. The average retail price of a gallon of whole milk has never been higher — $3.80 a gallon — according to July Department of Agriculture statistics. Experts blame the price spike — up 51 […]

  • Hearing set for shopping cart assault

    An Aug. 20 felony hearing has been scheduled for a Dutchess County man accused of running a 72-year-old woman down with a shopping cart because she was taking too long in the checkout line.

  • Something cool for geeks with grocery lists

    “Grocery List is a web based (PHP) frontend set up to maintain a list of items in a MySQL database backend. Grocery List was developed with the goal of being included in a kitchen computer project. The feature that sets Grocery List apart from other similar projects is that it supports the scanning of UPC […]

  • Free books: It’s the July GLC giveaway!

    FREE BOOKS! (the books are gone) | Once again, the first person to write in and request one of the books linked below gets it for free. Limit one per person and you must request a specific book and send me your mailing address — although we won’t use your email or postal address for […]

  • Just the Thing To Carry Your Conscience In

    “If you are reading this anytime after dawn on Wednesday, you are probably too late to make a fashion statement and simultaneously keep the world safe from plastic bags. At 8 this morning, 15 Whole Foods stores in the New York area were to start selling $15 cotton bags by Anya Hindmarch, a London designer […]

  • Weight loss grocery list?

    “Hey everyone. I just started this diet last week, so I don’t have the healthiest of food options in my apartment right now. I want to go grocery shopping tomorrow or Tuesday to stock up on some healthier food, but as I’m new to this I don’t really know where to start. What are some […]

  • Me on KMOX again!

    Hey St. Louis and the rest of the Midwest — I’ll be interviewed on KMOX Radio (AM 1120) today, July 27, around 8:45 a.m. I’ll be on with Debbie Monterrey and Dan Grey on the Total Information AM Show, talking about Milk Eggs Vodka, of course.

  • Old people are angrier than any teenager you’ll ever meet

    From the Orlando Sentinal’s reader gripes column: “I’m ticked off at the moron who designed the grocery carts that have those insipid little cars attached to the front so the kids can ride and pretend to drive. These carts are the equivalent of SUVs, and I’m even more ticked off at the ignorant mothers who […]

  • Recipe: White Russian Cupcakes with Kahlua Whipped Cream Frosting

    My sister sent me a weird recipe — it actually uses the ingredients milk, eggs and vodka! Check it out: White Russian Cupcakes with Kahlua Whipped Cream Frosting. It comes from a recipe book called Cupcakes: From the Cake Mix Doctor. Thanks, Kathy!

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