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  • Tips for stretching your food dollars

    “As food prices continue to rise it’s more important than ever to stretch your food dollars. Over the years I’ve discovered different ways to save money on food and groceries, and I want to share some budgeting and spending ideas with you this week. I make a grocery list and ‘try’ to stick to it. […]

  • An amazing new book about grocery lists

    So there used to be, like, no fun or interesting books about grocery stores and grocery store… stuff. Then Julian Montague released his amazing and comprehensive “The Stray Shopping Carts of Eastern North America: A Guide to Field Identification” in 2006. A marvelous achievement! Have you seen it? And in 2007 I submitted my own […]

  • My new book: "50 Sad Chairs"

    I probably should mention that my new book is out. It’s published by the weird and wonderful folks at BlueQ. It’s a nice little photo book of the sad chairs of St. Louis. No, really. Discarded chairs in alleys. Abandoned chairs on street corners. Abused chairs on loading docks. You get the picture. You’re gonna […]

  • Buying Organic

    See which of the country’s largest producers are behind your favorite organic snacks.

  • Supermarket Follies

    “I am an anonymous cog on a very small wheel in the gigantic machine that is the UK retail sector. I work in an administrative capacity in the local outlet of a UK supermarket chain with national coverage and high (and positive) brand recognition. I work for and with fools, morons, cretins and idiots. Then […]

  • The Best Peanut Butter in the World

    “I love peanut butter. But more importantly for the statement you are about to read here, I know peanut butter. I know peanut butter the way Da Vinci knew fluid mechanics, the way Einstein knew physics, the way Grand Master Flash knows a turntable, the way Tom Brady knows how to perfectly balance throwing touchdowns […]

  • Study: $90 wine tastes better than the same wine at $10

    “In a study that could make marketing managers and salespeople rub their hands with glee, scientists have used brain-scanning technology to shed new light on the old adage, ‘You get what you pay for.’ Researchers from the California Institute of Technology and Stanford’s business school have directly seen that the sensation of pleasantness that people […]

  • One last hurrah for 2007: A new set of top 10 lists

    Since we do it every year, and this is the last day of the year, I figured I’d better get to it. So without further doo-doo, here is a highly debatable, wildly underwhelming collection of funnyish lists: The Top 10 found grocery lists of 2007. Happy New Year!

  • Stained Glass Cookies Recipe

    Stumped about what cookie to make for XMAS? These “stained glass cookies” will wow everyone: “We can EAT these?” Andrew (age 5) asked incredulously. “Yes, you can eat them,” I replied, “they’re cookies. You can also hang them from your tree.” “What’s inside?” asked Matthew (7). “Lifesavers. And Jolly Ranchers.” “LIFESAVERS? AND JOLLY RANCHERS?” It’s […]

  • Thank you!

    I just wanted to let everyone who bought my book this year know that I donated a percentage of the royalties to a couple great causes: The St. Louis Area Foodbank (feeding struggling single-parent families, the elderly and the working poor) Mentor St. Louis (a school-based youth and literacy organization) Thank you! I hope everyone […]

  • Fill up the grocery cart, roll off with savings

    “It’s easy to forgo coupon clipping and comparison shopping during the holidays. Yet this month is the worst time to abandon tactics that never go out of season.”

  • The official 2008 Grocery List Collection calendar

    Just in time for the holidays, the official 2008 Grocery List Collection calendar features dozens of strange and funny found shopping lists from around the world. Categorized much like my book, “Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found,” this calendar has weird lists, hilarious lists, unhealthy lists, foreign lists, artistic lists, sad lists, super-short […]

  • This being our 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

    It’s that time again! Yes, it’s time to spend lots of money on… stuff! The holidays are here and for the 3rd year in a row grocerylists.org is lending a caring, capitalistic hand by seeking out the coolest gifts this season for all the special people in your life. For the gadget freakEgg & Muffin […]

  • Meat+Alphabet=

    …one awesome project by Robert J. Bolesta: An “alphabet made of raw hamburger. Each character hand-shaped, packaged, and photographed individually.” (Thanks Douglas Wilson!)

  • Free stuff: It’s the November GLC giveaway!

    HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY CONTEST! | Every month I give away books at keaggy.com and grocerylists.org. Usually, first response gets the book for free. But because the holidays are coming up, I’m changing things around a bit. The upside: I’m giving away a lot more than usual so you can score a free gift for someone. The […]

  • 200 more lists added

    I just uploaded 200 more found lists, bringing the online collection to 1,800. I’m pretty sure I’ve got another couple thousand not yet scanned (um, someday!). Anyway, enjoy lists 1,601-1,700 and 1,701-1,800!

  • How to Stretch Your Warehouse Club Membership Fee

    “Shopping at warehouse clubs is convenient — but I’m not sure that I actually save money there… what bugs the heck out of me is the membership fee. In my mind that negates any savings earned. I grudgingly pay it for the convenience but believe me, I make the most of it. How?”

  • Plattsmouth, Nebraska, Carts #1

    Check out this amazingly mundane yet eerily beautiful photograph of shopping carts. Captured by Kate Bingaman-Burt of Obsessive Consumption fame, archival prints are available at 20×200.

  • Free books: It’s the October GLC giveaway!

    ANOTHER FREE BOOK! | Update: The book is gone! Back so soon? Yes! And you know the deal: The first person to write in and request the book linked below gets it for free. Limit one per person and send me your mailing address — although we won’t use your email or postal address for […]

  • Grocery Shopping Out of a Vending Machine

    “Japan is truly the innovator behind the vending machines, having invented them about 80 years ago. Now the new news is the fact vending machines are popping up all over the country selling beer, underwear, fried foods, potted plants, sexual lubricants, and anything else you could possibly imagine. In fact, it is quite possible this […]

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