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  • Shopping etiquette — in Saudi grocery stores and elsewhere

    Here’s a quick roundup of highly sophisticated thoughts on grocery store etiquette.

  • Stocking the market: Grocers gauge for sales

    “Most of us wrestle with nightmares about missing a project deadline or speaking in front of people we don’t know. Dick Bergman has another bogey man: empty grocery store shelves. And the mere thought of them makes him break into a cold sweat. The president of Scott’s Food & Pharmacy knows that when customers can’t […]

  • No barriers — ethnic markets welcome you

    “Step into any small ethnic deli or market, where customers gather not only for sustenance but to nourish the spirit of their homeland, and English is most likely not the predominant language you will hear. Adventurous cooks simply consider this blend of sights and sounds to be another reason to try a new recipe. Like […]

  • Grocery co-operative proves successful

    “Most of the people I get calls from are saying, ‘We make enough money to get by, but we don’t have enough for all our grocery needs,’ Cannon said. ‘They’re just regular people, just like all of us.’”

  • Looking at local grocery store prices

    “Have you ever wondered which grocery store has the best prices? I did. So, armed with a laundry list of common grocery items, I recently paid a visit to the area’s five supermarket chains to compare prices.”

  • U-Scan could be your new shopping pal

    “Imagine a shopping pal that can give you a special price on certain items, alert you to other discounts, remind you of items on your shopping list, take your deli sandwich order from anywhere in the store and let you know when it’s ready for pickup, provide recipe ideas and speed you through the checkout […]

  • Online grocery service expands to more campuses

    “If there are two things college students frequently lack, it%u2019s time and money. The founders of One Click Grocery, Inc. are hoping to help out, making it easy for college students, and others in the surrounding community, to order groceries online and have them delivered. They also want to make it easy for Mom and […]

  • Grocery CEO is on list of overpaid execs

    “Larry Johnston, chief executive officer of Boise-based Albertsons Inc. supermarket chain, was named one of the five ‘most outrageously overpaid CEOs‘ in an article Wednesday on the MSN Web site.”

  • How the produce manager at my grocery store broke his arm

    “Here is a story: One day I got it in my head to make me some guacamole. Simple enough I thought, I’ll just head over to my local grocery store, with its assortment of produce, and pick up what I need. My stomach sent messages to my brain indicating its approval of the aforementioned plan. […]

  • Shoppers get intimate experience at market

    “Sandy Nauman can tell you the name of the grower responsible for planting and harvesting almost every item for sale in her farm market. She can say where it was raised, what fertilizers were used, what variety it is and when it was picked. This degree of intimacy with food is important to her — […]

  • Behind the Scenes at the Supermarket

    Over at Ask MetaFilter: “Questions for grocery clerks (or people who stand in line at the grocery thinking about people and their purchases)…”

  • Shoppers, supermarkets at odds

  • Kroger invites grocery orphans

    “Winn-Dixie plans to leave the state. Kroger’s weekly advertising circular tells shoppers an awful lot about what’s going on behind the scenes in North Carolina’s grocery industry. Across the top of the front page, big blue letters read ‘Welcome Winn-Dixie Customers.’”

  • Kroger rated top grocery chain

    “The Kroger Co. ranked as the nation’s third largest retailer and the top supermarket chain in an annual list of top 100 retailers released Tuesday by the industry’s largest trade group.”

  • Shopping list: wallpaper, lumber, a gallon of milk

    “Home Depot Inc. on Monday confirmed a report in trade journal Oil Express that it’s launching a pilot project in Nashville, Tenn., to test convenience stores in its parking lots.”

  • Magic City Morning Star: A Year Already?

    “Third on the list of things I’d change is the lack of proper groceries here. We have a couple of corner markets and even a Yamazaki, but they are small and charge — for example — $5 for an orange where I’d only have to pay an ever-so-reasonable $3 in my last town.”