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How the produce manager at my grocery store broke his arm

“Here is a story: One day I got it in my head to make me some guacamole. Simple enough I thought, I’ll just head over to my local grocery store, with its assortment of produce, and pick up what I need. My stomach sent messages to my brain indicating its approval of the aforementioned plan. Flash forward fifteen minutes and I’m standing in the middle of the produce section incensed with anger. Why? you ask.What is the primary ingredient of guacamole? It is the infamous hass avocado, of course. Problem is my grocery store is all out of hass avocados, how unfortunate. But what is this interesting item resting next to the empty hass avocado display. It looks vaguely like a ‘normal’ avocado and it is called a California avocado. Could work, I think. Grasping it and giving it a closer inspection, as I read its label, I quickly realize how wrong I am. At this point my memory becomes blurry. The only thing I can remember is the blind rage I felt at the time…”