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  • ‘The Curators’ by Coudal Partners

    Coming soon to theaters? Maybe not, but it’s double awesome nonetheless.

  • The Top 10 found grocery lists of 2009

    The best lists of 2009 along with some odd links.

  • 100 more lists!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I bet you’re thankful that I added another 100 lists to the collection, right? Right. Here they are: Lists 2001-2100. Update: And I just added another 100: Lists 2101-2200. Yay!

  • Testimonials from Twitter world

    See what folks are saying about “Milk Eggs Vodka,” the book based on this site.

  • It’s grocerylists.org, version 4.0!

    A much-needed redesign is in progress. Forgive any broken links — we’ll get ’em fixed.

  • What would it be like to find YOUR grocery list here?

    Maybe a little bit like this: When StumbleUpon sent me to this site, I actually landed on this page: Lists Of The Top Ten Lists Go ahead, click on that link. Now, see that Grocery list written on that square piece of paper on the right side of the page? The one that says, MEAT, […]

  • The Top 10…

    …IT HAS BEEN UPDATED in the moderately interesting way that we tend to do at the end of every annum. Happy New Year, y’all!

  • This being our 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

    It’s that time again! Yes, it’s time to spend lots of money on… stuff! The holidays are here and for the 3rd year in a row grocerylists.org is lending a caring, capitalistic hand by seeking out the coolest gifts this season for all the special people in your life. For the gadget freakEgg & Muffin […]

  • 200 more lists added!

    In anticipation of next month’s arrival of my book, Milk Eggs Vodka, I just posted 200 new lists to the collection (well, I hope they’re all new — I got a little mixed up in my sorting of posted vs. not posted). Anyway. This is what you need to do now: 1) Check out the […]

  • This being our 2005 Holiday Gift Guide

    It’s time for the first (soon-to-be) annual grocerylists.org Holiday Gift Guide — because I’m stuck in bed, sick and miserable, and have already watched all my “Mr. Show” DVDs three times! Anyway, if you know someone who loves food, loves preparing food, or loves playing with food, they’ll love you if you buy them one […]

  • A NEW TOP 10 LIST…

    So, in what has become a notorious, almost-annual round-up of lists of note, we shall now note lists of some notoriety… and to make this even more scandalous, nearly all of these were suggested by you, the readers! Here they are, the new GLC Top 10 Grocery Lists!

  • GLC1K!

    We got such a warm, fizzy feeling when we added the last 100 lists that we went ahead and added 100 more — bringing the collection to 1000! Also, we like pie.

  • You say tomato…

    …we say FINALLY! A new update brings the online collection up to 900 grocery lists. There are a lot more scanned and ready to be added, so the next update with tip us over 1000. Stay tuned, and keep sending in those found lists!

  • Yay! Our first hate mail!

    It took years and years, but we finally got email from someone who actually doesn’t like the GLC: “You need to stop butting into other people’s lives and you need to really get a live.” –Boo. They dislike it so much they wrote twice! “You need to stop butting inton other people’s lives and get […]

  • Oops.

    After just one week, I forgot to do the GLC Podcasts. I suck!

  • ‘Shopping list’ on Wikipedia

    Hey! We’re (currently) listed on Wikipedia, under the category Shopping List: “Collecting discarded shopping lists is a niche hobby.”

  • GLC is ‘required reading’ at MIT

    To those of you who doubt the greatness of this site, please note that the Grocery List Collection is required reading for MIT’s “Social Visualization” OpenCourseWare class (see “SES #7”). So there.

  • Duplicates?

    Hello. If anyone out there ever notices duplicated lists on the site just let me know. I appreciate the emails from those who’ve alerted me to duplicates. I guess my filing system is a work in progress. (UPDATE 6 Apr 2005: I fixed a few of them. Thanks for the heads-up.)

  • Google Search: “grocery lists”

    After five years — and out of nearly 1.4 million results — we are finally #1 when you Google the simple phrase “grocery lists.” Excellent.