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This being our 2005 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time for the first (soon-to-be) annual Holiday Gift Guide — because I’m stuck in bed, sick and miserable, and have already watched all my “Mr. Show” DVDs three times! Anyway, if you know someone who loves food, loves preparing food, or loves playing with food, they’ll love you if you buy them one of these gifts this holiday season. Prices accurate as of 28 Nov 2005.

For the gadget freak
Egg & Muffin ToasterEgg & Muffin Toaster | “Need toast? You’ve got it. Want a poached or hard boiled egg? It’s yours. And if you want them together in your favorite breakfast sandwich, the Egg & Muffin Toaster also warms your pre-cooked meat. Bingo… Ready to eat in about 4 minutes. It’s sort of the drive-thru breakfast without the drive.” ($39.39)

For someone you love
1lb Box Handmade Truffles | Mmmmmmmm, oh you yummy bite-sized petit fours, made from chocolate, ganache and flavorings. Buy that special someone some decadent handmade Belgian confections from A Bountiful Harvest. ($36.95)

For poopyhead candy freaks
Kooky Christmas CandyKooky Christmas Candy | Because whenever I think I of a white Christmas, I think of yellow snow. Then I think of poop. Then… candy! ($4.99)

For the cook in your life
Angled Measuring Cup Set | “With a simple design alteration, OXO has revolutionized a seemingly ordinary kitchen staple, making it doubtful that you’ll ever go back to using a conventional measuring cup again. Each of the three cups in the set has a patented angled surface within the cup so you can measure out liquid ingredients while looking straight down into the measurer. This eliminates the need to bend down or lift the cup up to read the side. The set comes with three measurers in 4-cup, 2-cup, and 1-cup capacities and each measurer has cup, ounce, and milliliter measurement markings.” ($19.99)

For the ‘cardiac patient’
Cardiac Patient Steak Lovers BoxCardiac Patient Steak Lovers Box | “The attributes of ostrich meat are well-known among health enthusiasts and restaurants serving customers requesting more low-fat, low cholesterol dishes. These fillets are hand cut from solid muscle, naturally tenderized and individually wrapped in sealed vacuum packages. They are pure ostrich meat with no composites or fibrin added. They have been approved by the American and British heart Associations and recommended by the American Diabetes Assoication. All our meat is American-raised with no drugs, hormones, anti-biotics or additives. All are inspected and stamped by USDA.” ($84.00)

For wannabe astronauts
Funky Space Food | Including freeze-dried ice cream, ice cream sandwiches and several varieties of fruit. ($1.85-19.95)

For someone who wants to learn more about wine
Wine for DummiesWine for Dummies | A “friendly, un-intimidating guide to all there is to know about wine … the no-nonsense guide to buying, storing serving and talking about wine…” ($14.95)

For carnivores
Barbecue Branding Irons | “Avoid meat mix-ups by branding R(are), M(edium), or W(ell) onto your steaks. Simply heat irons in coals or gas flame and press into meat. Stainless steel with wooden handle.” ($9.95)

For your cookie monster
Bite-Size Gingerbread CookiesBite-Size Gingerbread Cookies | “Too adorable to eat, but too delicious to resist! Traditional gingerbread Christmas shapes snowman, tree, candy cane, gift, and gingerbread men are transformed by exquisite hand decorating into bite-size works of art. A delightful gift or the highlight of a holiday cookie platter.” ( $19.95)

For your favorite jerk
Natural Smoked Game Jerky Combo | “Premium exotic game Jerky at its best. These are top round elk and bison steak strips slowly smoked over hickory chips. Nothing artificial. We start with all natural product; no hormones, steroids or antibiotics. We use simple products in our marinade, and we cut no corners. Sweet and tender.” ($38.95)

For cheese fiends
igourmet's Favorite 8 Cheese Samplerigourmet’s Favorite 8 Cheese Sampler | ” What could be better than to break out that prized bottle of wine youve been saving, served with some of the worlds greatest cheeses? The cheeses in the sampler are: 1) Blue – From Italys famed Lombardy region comes superb Mountain Gorgonzola. It is mild yet tangy, creamy yet firm, with a pale interior laced with streaks of blue. Delicious served the Italian way (drizzled with honey), it is a real treat for connoisseurs. 2) Nutty – Exta Aged Farmer Gouda is ripened for a full 18 months to develop its nutty, caramel-like flavor. It is always a crowd pleaser. 3) Fruity – Our White Stilton with Lemon Zest is the best selling blended cheese in England, and is rapidly becoming one of our most requested products. Extra creamy, deliciously tangy, with an unmistakable burst of lemon, this is sure to be the surprise hit at social hour. 4) Creamy – No holiday cheese assortment would be complete without authentic Camembert, produced exclusively in Normandy. With a slightly more robust flavor than its larger cousin Brie, this supple French classic is best enjoyed at room temperature. 5) Sheep – Malagon with Rosemary is made from 100%sheep’s milk. Aged for over 3 months, this cheese has a wonderfully firm texture and an herbed-flavor that comes from its rosemary-impregnated rind. 6) Goat – Famous chef Cas Spijkars spent years developing the recipe Dorothea, a remarkable Dutch goat cheese. Once tasted, never forgotten. 7) Sweet – St. Olof is a semi-soft, double rich delight hailing from Sweden, and is well suited to everyone, especially children. 8) Tangy – Our final selection is Coombe Farm Cheddar, a classic cheese from Somerset, England aged for a full 12 months. It possesses all the traits we have come to expect from an aged English cheddar while not being overly dry.” ($49.99)

For bacon lovers
The Bacon of the Month Club | “The Bacon of the Month Club is the greatest of all gifts. I’m not making that up. I get calls from customers all the time that tell me this. In my humble opinion no other club in the universe gives you as much pleasure and sheer delight as The Bacon of the Month Club. The Bacon of the Month Club is the go-to gift for that person in your life who loves bacon, who has everything or who has very little. Join for yourself. Give yourself the gift of bacon.” ($140.00)

For the jolly family
Gingerbread House KitGingerbread House Kit | “This pre-baked gingerbread house, with tree, snowman, and ginger kid, awaits your decorator’s touch.” Have fun assembling it with your family this lovely holiday season. ($16.95)

For little cooks
Lifestyle Deluxe Kitchen with Realistic SoundsThe Bacon of the Month Club | “This incredible play kitchen from Step 2 looks and sounds just like a real kitchen. Featuring modern details and fun colors, the set has a granite-style countertop, crown molding, paneled cabinet doors and a framed window with working overhead light. The faux-stainless steel appliances make realistic cooking sounds, and the play sink has a pullout sprayer. Includes an electronic cordless telephone, 28-pc. accessory set and plenty of storage.” ($199.99)

Happy Holidays, everyone!

P.S.: We also made a gift guide for sandwich lovers.

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