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Now at 800!

  • The GLC

I just plowed through a bunch of recent (and old) contributions and posted them, bringing the count to 800 lists. If you’ve submitted a list… Read More »Now at 800!

50 more…

  • The GLC

Hi. Finally got around to formatting 50 more lists, which brings us up to 550. I still have 100-200 or so more lists to post.

500 LISTS!

  • The GLC

500! We finally hit another milestone. Many more are ready to be scanned and posted. Someday. Here are the latest 100 lists.

More soon…

  • The GLC

Working on a huge update, and maybe even a new home for the lists! We’ll see. Thanks for visiting and submitting lists you’ve found.

Visitor feedback

  • The GLC

Carol over at ain’t chicken dot com has perused the lists and made some observations…

Yeah, OK

  • The GLC

Someone who spends his/her time on a gaming web site called Brotherhood  of  By Blood thinks I need to get a life. I’ll think about… Read More »Yeah, OK