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Thanks, Mary!

  • The GLC

A big update brings us to 270 293 lists. Also, many thanks to Mary Margaret from Iowa, who sent a big, beautiful envelope of lists!


So my bandwidth has gone through the roof this month. Then USA Today’s Web Guide calls this a “fun site.”


  • The GLC

Many thanks to Carrie, Kathy and the person who dropped their list at Vincent’s Market. The Grocery List Collection now features 146 grocery lists.


Many thanks to Mike for a couple new additions. There are 138 lists now.

Added two more

Two lists from Cleveland and one from San Francisco brings us to 130 (Thanks Kathy and Dan). But me need more.


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Please feel free to submit shopping lists you’ve found. I collect them. Thank you.

We hit 100!

  • The GLC

Special thanks to Lauren (NJ) and Rosanne (NYC). Contribute!


  • The GLC

Three more, including one from Brooklyn, New York (thanks, Rosanne!). Ten more and we hit 100.


I don’t have a car anymore and that means I go to grocery places very infrequently. I will try to rectify the situation. We need… Read More »Slump