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View lists #2201-2300


Dateline: Uploaded on August 21, 2010.

5 thoughts on “View lists #2201-2300”

  1. Question – Do you at least have one of those BIG copier/scanner/printers that allow you to do the big stack of paper? Because, hand scanning each list must give you MAJOR carpel tunnel.

  2. No, they get scanned several at a time then split up. It’s a big hassle, and the only reason I haven’t posted the thousands of others in the collection here yet.

  3. WOW… JUST WOW. some of the things that scared me: TOE, VOODOO, WET P*SS. some of the things that made me laugh: VARIOUS MISSPELLED WORDS, RANDON ITEMS, THE MANY ALCHOHOLICS WHO FORGET THEIR SHOPPING LISTS. LOL…

  4. Truly impressive collection. A database for peer-reviewed studies in psychology and behavior à la Thomas and Garland.
    I have found abandoned shopping lists to be significantly less abundant over the last two years. Is that your experience? Someone suggested this may be due to paper lists being replaced by electronic lists, e.g cell phone apps. Or maybe I have more competition?

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