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This being our 2006 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time again! Yes, it’s time to spend lots of money on… stuff! The holidays are here and is lending a helping hand by seeking out the coolest gifts this season for all the special people in your life. Prices accurate as of 30 Nov 2006.

For the gadget freak
Egg and muffin toasterEgg & Muffin Toaster | “Need toast? You’ve got it. Want a poached or hard boiled egg? It’s yours. And if you want them together in your favorite breakfast sandwich, the Egg & Muffin Toaster also warms your pre-cooked meat. Bingo… Ready to eat in about 4 minutes. It’s sort of the drive-thru breakfast without the drive.” ($38.89 now $33.99)

For the phenomenally geeky foodie
Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor | “Originally published in France, This book documents the sensory phenomena of eating and uses basic physics to put to bed many culinary myths. In each short chapter This presents a piece of debatable conventional wisdom — such as whether it is better to make a stock by placing meat in already boiling water, or water before it is boiled-and gives its history, often quoting famous French chefs, before making scientific pronouncements. In the chapter on al dente pasta, for instance, This discusses pasta-making experiments, the science behind cooking it and whether it is better to use oil or butter to prevent it from sticking. Most of the discussions revolve around common practices and phenomenon — chilling wine, why spices are spicy, how to best cool a hot drink…” ($29.95 currently on sale for $19.77!)

For the person who needs a new toilet seat
Toilet seatDeluxe Plastic Toilet Seat with Blue Bubbles | “This opaque, light blue toilet seat features a fun and interesting design of suspended bubbles. Built from durable plastic, the seat comes with chrome hinges to attach it to the toilet. Installation instructions are included. The seat fits standard-sized toilet bowls and is super easy to care for. Simply hand wash it with ordinary household detergents.” ($39.39 — was $60.00!)

For the those who were mullet’d and/or Madonna’d in the 1980s
Classic 1980s Candies | “The 80’s Decade Box contains: Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles, Pixy Stix, Bit-o-Honey, Laffy Taffy, Jawbusters, Lemonheads, Rainbow Coconut Bar, Flicks, Tart ‘n Tinys, Lotsa Fizz, Atomic Fire Balls, Jolly Joes, Tom’s Peanut Butter Logs, Fizz Wiz, Wonka Bottlecaps, Wax Fangs, Lifesaver Pops, Bubble Gum Cigarettes, Smoothie Peanut Butter Cup, Zours, Wink Soda, Goetze’s Cow Tail, Candy Stix Cigarettes, Giant Sweetarts, Zero Bar, Charleston Chew Chocolate, Now & Later, Candy Necklace, Bubblicious Paradise, Freshen-Up Bubble Gum, Jungle Jollies, Good ‘n Plenty, Saf-T-Pops Swirl, Tiny Chiclets.” ($29.95)

For the impatient imbiber
Drink chillerThe One-Minute Drink Chiller | “Eliminating the wait associated with trying to rapidly cool packaged beverages, this device chills drinks 90 times faster than a refrigerator, and 40 times faster than a freezer (without risk of freezing). It cools cans of soda to 38 F in just one minute, and can chill a bottle of white wine to the low-50s F in less than four minutes. Ideal for last-minute dining events, as well as sporting events (a 12-volt car adapter is included), the chiller stops automatically when your drink reaches the correct temperature and is capable of holding one 12-oz. can or one wine bottle.” ($89.95)

For slobs who get peanut butter and jelly all over the furniture
Cut-N-Seal | “A new twist on pocket sandwiches and tarts! Place your favorite filling between two layers of dough or bread, then cut and seal. 3 1/2 inches.” ($8.75)

For that lameass singer-songwriter you know
Snack trayVintage Vinyl Record Snack Tray | “Designer Jeff Davis of Brooklyn has put a new spin on recycling by rescuing records and creating fascinating works of functional art. His vinyl snack trays are created from actual 12″ albums and are perfect for fruit, chips or dry snacks. Individually made in New York, the shallow tray has the original album label intact and protected with a clear mylar seal. The ‘Crooners’ genre consists of essential artists such as Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Nat King Cole, Dean Martin and Tom Jones! ‘Rock Essentials’ genre also available” — and there are coasters too! ($24.99 for the tray, $18.99 for a set of six coasters)

For the deep fried fiend
DeLonghi D650UX Cool Touch Deluxe Deep Fryer | “Make it all from chicken to chips, with an Exclusive Easy Oil Drainage feature, anti-odor filters, a nonstick interior and a viewing window that lets you keep your eye on the whole process. Exterior stays cool to the touch. 2.2 lb. capacity. With the extra-large frying basket, you can accommodate almost any type of food. And with the easy-clean oil drain system, you can forget about dealing with messy, hot oil. This ingenious system makes draining and recycling cooking oil safe and easy. Simply open the door on the front of the unit and drain!” ($49.99 after $20 rebate)

For the fabulously wealthy do-it-yourselfer
DistillatorRuffoni Distillator Set | “This lustrous copper distillator set from Ruffoni makes a cool decorative piece for a bar or shelf. Handcrafted in Italy, it is fully functional and can be used to distill water, perfume, flowers or vinegar. Its copper construction distributes heat evenly when cooking with no hot spots. Hand wash only. Imported.” ($445.50)

For the person who has a crappy corkscrew
Rabbit Wine Opener Gift Set | “A great gift for a wine lover, this powerful, award-winning tool effortlessly extracts the cork from any wine bottle in 3 seconds with simple lever action. Handles with comfortable rubberized padding easily clamp onto a bottle’s neck; the lever drives the tough worm into the cork with a push and then pulls the cork out cleanly with a simple pull. Releasing the cork involves the same action, only with the handles clamped onto the cork. Ruggedly constructed of polycarbonate and reinforced nylon, the cork puller has the heft of a fine, precise high-tech tool and comes by its name, Rabbit, because it resembles a bunny’s head.” (Originally $110.00 but now on sale for just $34.99)

For early adopters with dirty floors
Robot floor cleanerThe First Robotic Floor Washer | “Called ‘the first consumer robot to replace the mop and bucket’ by Popular Science magazine, the Scooba (invented by the experts who created the Roomba) is the automatic robot that efficiently and simultaneously prepares, washes, scrubs, and dries tile, linoleum, or sealed hardwood floors, without human intervention.” ($299.95)

For the person who likes to put local coffee shops out of business
Starbucks Sonata | “There is no need to travel for this authentic Starbucks coffeehouse experience. Mild and flavorful Breakfast Blend, light and lively House Blend, full and earthy Sumatra and dark smoky French Roast coffee can be made right at home. Starbucks hot chocolate, assorted Tazo teas and chocolate hazelnut biscotti are arranged in this jute basket with a coffee scoop and two large Starbucks coffee mugs that will remind them of this wonderful gift throughout their day.” ($39.95)

For your sweet-toothed sow
LicoriceLicorice Piglets | “Cute mini-piggies await your cravings. Even a tightly topped tin can’t contain these irresistible piggies. Handfuls of red and black, for those on each side of the licorice fence. Red licorice, 8 oz.; black licorice, 8 oz.; 1 lb. total.” ($15.00)

For that strangely sexy girl who likes to cook
Stella Retro Apron in Scotch Green Fabric | “Stella was designed to be the apron you always hoped to find at a flea market but never do. With choice of button placement to adjust length, and a tie waist to adjust width, Stella fits a variety of sizes and shapes. The front vertical piping slims and flatters no matter how decadent your kitchen creations tend to be. Two roomy pockets hold a spoon, tissue, spare change or just your hands with comfort and style. 100% cotton.” ($40.00)

For the caffeine freak couch potato
Lap mugSlanted Mug | “We’ve all done it! Precariously placed a glass or mug containing our favorite beverage on our lap, only to have it spill on our clothes, not to mention our favourite chair. This mug’s uniquely shaped base allows you to nest it easily and securely in your lap. Available in white, orange and terra cotta.” Scroll down the page to see. ($35.00)

For that snotty person in your life
Booger Boy Boris Egg Separator | “Some people complained that our Peter Petrie Egg Separator was too tasteful. So we had to find something even grosser. Meet Booger Boy Boris! This rude little fellow is actually a useful kitchen tool. Crack in an egg, tilt it forward and watch the white part drip through the nostrils. Boris will even lend a helping hand… well, helping FINGER.” ($12.99 )

And for fans of, our very own book!
My book!Milk Eggs Vodka: Grocery Lists Lost and Found | “This book is a compilation of abandoned grocery lists that have been discovered in grocery carts, market floors, and parking lots across the country. If we are what we eat, then this book reveals deep truths about the average American (not to mention more mundane truths like a surprising number of people enjoy onions, and, for most people, mayonnaise is very, very difficult to spell). Separated into chapters (funny lists, sad lists, unhealthy lists, organized lists) the book also includes commentary by the author and some very special recipes created from found grocery lists. Sidebars and food facts round out the menu.” This won’t be on shelves until May 2007, but you can pre-order it now! ($19.99 currently on sale for $13.59!)

There you go. For more great gift ideas, check out last year’s gift guide.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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