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Free books: It’s the November GLC giveaway!

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UPDATE! The books are gone. Halloween’s over and Thanksgiving is around the corner. Much of the U.S. is sliding into the cold, cold winter — and that makes me think of toast as I sit shivering here in St. Louis. It also makes me think of butter. And preserves. Mmmmmm, toasty and delicious, don’t you think?

So… the first person to write in and request one of the books linked below gets it for free. Limit one per person and you must request a specific book and send me your mailing address — although we won’t use your email or postal address for anything other than sending you the book. Email me for a free book while they last!

Gone! Sent to Hannah of Richfield, Minnesota!
Toast: 60 Ways to Butter Your Bread and Then Some | “Toast, you say? Well, how about Toast with Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil, and Marsala? Or Crockpot Lamb Shanks with Toasted Cornbread? Or Toasted Lemon Pound Cake with Pears in Port? In this fun and tempting cookbook, more than 60 easy recipes take toasted bread and turn it into a base for delicious appetizers, snacks, sandwiches, main courses, and desserts. Toast is a clever way for cooks to expand their repertoire for tasty meals whatever the time of day. Any way you slice it, toast is one of the most versatile innovations ever to have popped up in the kitchen.” — (List price: $16.95)

Gone! Sent to Jane of Indio, California!
Flavored Butters: Nuts, Dairy, Herbs, Fruit | “Once used in medicines and ointments, butter is now a luxurious component in all of our favorite foods an essential ingredient in desserts, a base for creamy sauces, and a simple spread for breads and pastries. In FLAVORED BUTTERS, food writer Offerico Maoz explores the history and culinary possibilities of this age-old dairy product, presenting more than 65 mouth-watering recipes for flavored butters and sauces, including instructions for making butter by hand. Rebounding from a bad rep in the 1980s, butter is making a comeback as recent studies confirm its health virtues over trans-fatty substitutes like margarine, shortening, and cooking sprays. Complete with recipes for low-calorie and nondairy butters, FLAVORED BUTTERS provides a fresh repertoire of sumptuous spreads so you can indulge away in this delicious, no-longer-guilty pleasure.” — (List price: $12.95)

Gone! Sent to Carolyn of Minneapolis, Minnesota!
Gourmet Preserves [Chez Madelaine] | “The delightfully old-fashioned art of “putting up” needn’t mean crates of fruit, interminable water baths, and a sweltering kitchen. The 130 delicious recipes in this book — including Cherry Preserves with Cassis, Apple-Ginger Jam, Cinnamon-Citrus Marmalade with Apricots, Ratatouille Marmalade, and Kir Cocktail Jelly — are made with small quantities of fruit and standard kitchen equipment. Prepared without commercial pectin, the preserves are lower in sugar than most, allowing the full flavor of the fruit to shine through — and some are made with no refined sugar at all. As a tasty bonus, the book gives recipes for quick breads and muffins that are perfect complements for the jams and jellies, as well as for desserts that make delectable use of those homemade preserves.” — (List price: $14.95)

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