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This site: Inspiring or insipid?

Option A: Inspired, at CRUMLEYdotORG: “The day we left for Mississippi I received a gift I had purchased for myself: No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog. My book is even autographed by Miss Maggie herself. This is a variation on number 44: Take Inventory. In the suggestion she references, a site devoted to found grocery lists. Later I plan on adding the gem I have displayed below…”

Option B: Insipid, at COHENSIDE: “There are many places on the Internet to waste time, but this is one takes the prize. It is a collection of grocery lists that some guy found. He began collecting them in the nineties and at some point the Internet became savvy enough to accept his collection as a website. I’m torn about this site. On the one hand, it’s hysterical and on the other, it’s just plain, sad.”