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Free books: It’s the July GLC giveaway!

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UPDATE: The GLC Giveaway books for July are gone. Congrats to Zen O. and Aubrey M. — enjoy your free books! | The first person to write in and request one of the books linked below gets it for free during our 7th Monthly GLC Giveaway of 2006. Limit one per person — and you must request a specific book. First come, first served. You also must include a snail mail address — but we won’t use your email or postal address for anything other than sending you the book. Email me for a free book while they last!

It’s hot out there, at least here in the Midwest. Let’s cool off with ice cream and ice!

Gone! Sent to Zen of Richfield, Minnesota!
Ice Cream: The Delicious History | “From ice harvesting to gelato, to the origin of the sundae and the ice cream soda, to Baked Alaska (first called ‘Alaska, Florida’ of all things) and ice cream bombes, Powell mixes together everything ice cream for a sweet, breezy blend of food history, personal anecdote and cookbook. Few readers will finish this volume without wanting to down a double-scoop waffle cone, but as there’s little history here that’s new, it may also leave them hungry for further reading.” — (List price: $19.95)

Gone! Sent to Aubrey of Forest Hills, New York!
Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance | “This book is just plain amazing. One would think that no one could write a 560 page book on frozen water and make it not only interesting, but fascinating. I found myself turning the pages and reading despite myself. Mariana Gossnell has a style that leads one on from wonder to wonder. Indeed ‘Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance’ is a masterpiece of science writing. From a pond freezing over in winter to the ice on Jupiter’s moon Europa and the ice in comets (indeed at least half of the water currently on earth may have originated in these deep space travelers) here is everything everyone might have ever wanted to know about this amazing substance and a lot more beside.” — (List price: $30)

UPDATE: The GLC Giveaway books for July are gone. Check back in a few days for more free books during the GLC August Giveaway.

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