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The best, worst of new grocery products in 2004

“Low carb. The U.S. supermarket scene in 2004 can be summed up in those two dreaded words. Not since the fear of fat in the early to mid-’90s has a single food trend so completely dominated new product introductions or so depressed the two of us — Bonnie, because of her aversion to fad diets, and both of us because of the typically poor to ghastly taste of low-carb products. Not surprisingly, low-carb foods also dominated our list of worst new products of 2004. That Double Forks Down list makes our best-of-the-year product picks and the winner of our Golden Shopping Cart Award for the best new product of the year all the more beloved and dear, as we both look forward to a low-carbfree, or at least a low-carb-reduced, New Year.”