Tag: Technology

  • AisleGuide will help get the groceries

    “The electronic information age may have finally caught up with a vital human task – grocery shopping. A software program developed by User Shoes, based in Kittery, Maine, enables shoppers to generate grocery lists from an online store directory to reduce shopping time.”

  • Supermarket tills ring changes over years

    BBC NEWS: “I am old enough to remember the coming of the first supermarket to the small Lincolnshire town where I lived in the east of England in the late 1950s.”

  • Online services can help make dramatic differences in grocery bills

    “When checkers at the grocery store started complimenting Sarah Chappelle on her food-shopping savvy — ‘Good save!’ one said approvingly — she figured she was on to something. The proof was in her receipt. Almost overnight, Chappelle had slashed her grocery bill by half. Chappelle’s secret: coupons, grocery-store sales fliers — and the Internet.”

  • Websites help shoppers compare grocery prices

    “Say goodbye to grocery circulars — comparison shopping for groceries at local super markets can now be done online”

  • High-tech shopping lists guide grocery shoppers

    “Online grocery shopping makes it easy to get everything on your grocery list, but it’s not likely to eliminate the grocery store outright…. Interactive devices remind customers of what they might need and provide specific personal promotions at the right time and place in the store.”

  • Online grocery shopping is back, and it’s quietly finding success

    “Whenever Chesapeake resident Katherine Skinner passes a toddler screaming, ‘Mommy, I want that!’ in the supermarket, she confidently pulls the parent aside and shares her secret for no-fuss, speed grocery shopping: Buy food by the byte. Once a week, Skinner visits Farm Fresh’s Internet Express Web site and spends about 10 minutes filling her virtual […]

  • My Grocery Checklist

    “Would you like to make a grocery list with a click of a mouse? Just sit down, relax, and think of things you do not have in your house! Scan through the items for the ones you want to pick, And soon you will have your name on a list with no special tricks!”

  • Getting to test the brave new wired kitchen of tomorrow

    “For a while, Carla Graham was the envy of her Boston neighborhood. The stay-at-home mom of two preschoolers was one of 20 families participating in the Internet Home Alliance’s Mealtime Pilot, a real-world test of an Internet-enabled kitchen.”

  • Attention! Online grocery-shopping is back

    “After a spectacular implosion, Internet groceries are rolling again. [‘Today’ financial editor] Jean Chatzky tests out one of the on-your-doorstep services… Today, these groceries are legitimate businesses fulfilling about 1 percent of the nation’s $570 billion grocery bill. That may sound like a drop in the bucket, but business is expected to triple by 2008, […]

  • Grocery shopping goes high-tech

    “Wouldn’t it be great to go grocery shopping and for once not have to chase down a clerk to find out where they put the chili powder and anchovy paste? Well, several companies are developing ‘intelligent shopping carts’ that could help you find stuff. You would write up your shopping list on your home computer, […]

  • A clickable shopping list from Grocery Shopping Network

    “The old fashioned grocery list is about to get a major upgrade.Grocery Shopping Network of Minneapolis has developed software that connects consumers with retailers and manufacturers via the Internet. Beginning next month, consumers who visit the websites of participating supermarkets will be able to make personalized shopping lists, research product information and receive coupons and […]