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  • Parents have to try to be patient with kids who are acting up

    “You’re tired, you’re cranky, and you’re trying to get through your grocery list. This is your third stop of the day. Oh yeah, and you’re with your kids. Who have been fighting in the car and fighting in the stores and generally acting like that four-letter word that starts with B.”

  • Put your kids on kitchen patrol to keep summer meals healthy

    “As the summer begins, schedule a weekly grocery shopping day just for them. Help them create a health-charged grocery list ahead of time. If there’s any chance you can get them to sit with you while you compare their list to the new food pyramid at mypyramid.gov, by all means, engage them at the computer. […]

  • Take a healthy bite out of summer

    “School’s out! And the kids’ summer schedules are keeping you busier than ever. So whether you’re packing lunchboxes for day camp or baskets for a family picnic, you want something easy to make, safe to transport and healthy for your kids. Sound impossible? Not if you follow advice from the American Heart Association.”

  • Shopping for health

    “Calvin Brown, 8, recently asked for a box of Kashi Heart to Heart cereal even though it’s not loaded with sugar.”