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Words of wit and wisdom

GLC visitor Shelley wrote a while back and shared this story that I thought was good enough to share with all y’all…

Bill, I’m groovin’ on the shopping lists, and felt moved to share this story:

When I was in college, I went to a poetry reading by William Stafford, one of my favorite poets. It was a great reading. Afterwards, someone asked him about his strategies for dealing with writer’s block. There was a pause, and then he said, “I lower my standards.”

The entire audience burst into laughter.

He said, “I’m actually serious. If I can’t write a good poem, I try to think of a good line. If I can’t think of a good line, I try to think of word that I’m really loving. And if I can’t even do that, then I try to write an amazing shopping list.”

These words have inspired me as a writer for over 20 years now.

Thought you would maybe enjoy them, too.

Thank you for your work.

Thank you, Shelley!