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Wyandotte woman finds humor and sadness in other peoples’ discarded shopping lists

Another list collector (!): “At her pine kitchen table, where a home-baked apple pie sits beneath a glass dome, Jane Scarlett opens her fat manila folder of other peoples’ shopping lists and tries to explain herself. ‘The first one — and I can’t even remember which one it was — I picked up without any intention of picking up any more. I remember thinking, ‘I’ll be damned! Somebody wrote this and never thought anybody else would see it.’ ‘ …As of this week, Jane has 325 discarded grocery lists, about five years’ worth. She’s not compulsive. Sometimes she forgets to look. But one Sunday, a few days after her oldest child left for college, missing him madly, she drove to Meijer in Southgate to look for lists in its vast parking lot. ‘It was something to do,’ she shrugs. ‘To distract me.'”