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Putting the wash before the cart

“That grocery cart you’re putting your food, handbag and toddler into? It’s teeming with germs. Consider the handle. It’s been touched by untold numbers of hands that have changed diapers, mopped up runny noses, picked up packages of raw chicken and meat, and been coughed on, sneezed in and drooled on… A start-up company in Green Bay, Wis., believes it has a remedy. PureCart Systems, a sort of drive-through washer that sanitizes grocery carts, made its debut last November at a Festival Foods store in De Pere, Wis., and was installed recently at another Festival in Oshkosh. It works by coating the carts with a safe mist of a peroxide-based disinfectant. The same solution is used to clean dialysis machines and poultry processors.”