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An educated opinion on the E. Coli/spinach problem: “Chez Pim has a special guest blogger today, his name is Andy Griffin. Andy and his wife Julia operates Mariquita Farm in Santa Cruz county, growing an amazing array of delectable vegetables including rare and heirloom varieties. Andy was the original owner of Riverside Farms, a pioneer in the bagged baby greens market. Ten years ago he sold Riverside Farms to the company which later became Natural Selections, the company at the very center of the current fiasco. Needless to say Andy has both the knowledge and the perspective to offer a commentary about the situation, and he’s agreed to do that here on Chez Pim. Read it in its entirety. This is the best and most informative piece of writing about this mess I’ve seen since this whole thing began. It certainly explains a lot of things for me, and I hope it will for you too.” (Thanks megnut!)

While we’re on the subject, here are alternatives to spinach for your salads, courtesy of Slashfood.