A tape for walking through the grocery store

Courtesy of the always-interesting Tiny Mix Tapes:

Side A

01. Oliver! Cast – ‘Food Glorious Food’ (Oliver! OST)

02. The Sugarcubes – ‘Eat The Menu’ (Live in Boston, 1988 cassette)

03. Shonen Knife – ‘Sushi Bar’ (Happy Songs)

04. Camper Van Beethoven – ‘All Her Favorite Fruit’ (Key Lime Pie)

05. Cibo Matto – ‘Know Your Chicken’ (Viva! La Woman)

06. John Lee Hooker – ‘Onions’ (Blues Is My Middle Name)

07. The Rutles – ‘Cheese and Onions’ (The Rutles Soundtrack)

08. Julia Lee – ‘The Spinach Song’ (Kansas City Star)

Side B

01. Alice Donut – ‘Consumer Decency’ (Bucketfulls of Sickness and Horror in an Otherwise Meaningless Life)

02. The Dead Kennedys – ‘Soup Is Good Food’ (Frankenchrist)

03. Tom Waits – ‘Eggs & Sausage’ (Nighthawks at the Diner)

04. King Missle – ‘Cheesecake Truck’ (Mystical Shit)

05. They Might Be Giants – ‘Dinner Bell’ (Apollo 18)

06. PuffyAmiYumi – ‘Destruction Pancake’ (Spike)

07. The Soft Boys – ‘Vegetable Man’ (Underwater Moonlight (CD Extra track))

08. You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown Cast – ‘Suppertime’ (You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown”